About Us

About Morken & Associates

For over 38 years, Morken & Associates has specialized in helping businesses with industrial and commercial real estate needs. We pride ourselves on providing the best, personal attention for our clients... along with effective results! Over 95% of our client properties are sold or leased in the designated time, and we have remained a dynamic growing agency because of the referrals and repeat business we receive from our many satisfied clients. Morken & Associates is a unique group of people working together as a team for the client, not just the "sale". We are proud of our reputation of honesty, expertise, and client satisfaction.

Knowledgeable Brokers          

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The Brokers at Morken & Associates are knowledgeable in the Western Suburbs of Chicago. In fact, we have built such a reputation for knowing our marketplace, that we routinely get calls from former clients and even other brokers to find out what is available in the area.

Personal Attention

We pride ourselves on our availability. Our brokers generate a personalized marketing approach for each property. We don't use boiler-plate signs or ads nor do we hand the marketing off to a separate department. Instead, your broker is intimately involved in every aspect of promoting your property to its greatest potential.

Long-Term View

At Morken & Associates, we work for the client, not the sale. That means we take a long-term approach. We aren't just trying to quickly close a deal. We are looking for solutions that best meet our clients' needs. And we don't compete with our clients. Some brokerage firms have their own properties for lease, so of course they are tempted to give their own properties preference. We work for our clients' interests.... which is why our clients come back to us again and again. It is common that we help the same clients in their expansion needs for many years!

Morken & Associates is an active member of the Association of Industrial Real Estate Brokers (AIRE) and is recognized as a leader in our area.